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5 Days, 20 Freedom Speakers with Free Educational Content, Freedom Talks and Interviews on the Location Independent Lifestyle.

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Freedom Talks

Freedom speakers and global change-makers give an insight into their own view on how to create and live a fulfilling freedom-based lifestyle

Freedom X Fest 2017 in Budapest

Our first LIVE festival about the location independent lifestyle has just happened in Budapest with over 250+ participants, 25+ Freedom Speakers, 35+ Freedom Talks and Workshops. We are so grateful to have created a very special atmosphere for everyone involved and looking forward creating more magic together.

You have so much more FREEDOM than you were meant to believe!

Freedom Experience showcases online and offline events and education on the freedom-lifestyle. We interview speakers about the location independent movement, digital nomadism, remote working environments and opportunities. We feature experts, coaches to share their insights on how to live more free, happy and purposeful lives.

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